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Didgeridoo lessons / workshops


Didgeridooschool Rotterdam (DSR)(www.didgeridooschoolrotterdam.nl)

Didgeridoocentrum Niels de Lange (www.didgeridoocentrum.nl)

One-day workshops didgeridoo & circulair breathing techniques (starters)
Time: 10:30am - 4:30pm. Data:
•May: 6-20-26
•June: 10-16-24

Remega Didgeridoo lessons (www.remega.nl)

•May: start new lessons.
Didgeridoo Werkplaats (www.didgeridoowerkplaats.nl)


Aboriginal Art Gallery Rotterdam
• Exhibition 'Hidden Dreamings' , and first lustrum of the galary.
‘Hidden Dreamings’ is an collection made by Aboriginal artists from Papunya Tula & Utopia. Information: www.aboriginal-artgallery.com.

Aboriginal Art Museum Utrecht (AAMU)

•Exhibition Heart and Soul. The Laverty Collection, Sydney. This collection is regarded as one of the most important private Aboriginal art collections in the world. The exhibition tells the personal story of the art collector couple Colin and Elizabeth Laverty. They are not only collectors, but are also committed heart and soul to presenting Aboriginal art at international contemporary art venues. More information: www.aamu.nl.

Theater / Cinema / workshop events

• May 6th and June 3th, 7.30-9.30 pm: Dreamtime healing concerten at the Artfarm, Heerhugowaard. Information: www.didgecalibur.nl
• Saterday 12th May, Sugar Factory Amsterdam: Midnight Youth (NZ)
Informatie: www.homegrown-events.com/midnight-youth-nz/
• July 5th-8th: Didgeridoo workshop weekend with Jeremy Cloake, organisation: Michiel Teijgeler. Information: www.mt-yidaki.com

New (Web)shops with Australian products in The Netherlands





Events in Australia: www.australia.com/ned/events/events.aspx