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AbOriginal Bound Travel



• AbOriginal Bound Travel (www.aboriginalboundtravel.com)
• Ad Borsboom (www.terra-australis.nl)
• Arntz & Van der Ven Kramenverhuur, Lent
• Australian Treasures (www.australiantreasures.com)
• Australische Ambassade (www.netherlands.embassy.gov.au)
• Broad Leaf Villas (www.broadleafvillas.com)
• Catering Gerry Weijman
• Digifotofan.nl (www.digifotofan.nl
• Going Down Under magazine (www.goingdownundermagazine.nl
• Greyhound Australia (www.greyhound.com.au
• Hallscap Lakeside Tourist Park (www.hallscaplakeside.com
• Helicon Opleidingen (www.helicon.nl
• Holland Focus (www.hollandfocus.com
• Jucy World (www.jucy.com.au
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• Outback Legends, Australian Working Kelpies 
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• Quick1888 (www.quick1888.nl
• Scouting Bemmel (www.scouting-bemmel.nl
• Steve Parish Publishing (www.steveparish.com.au
• Uitgeverij Kangoeroeboek
• Voyages hotels & resorts Australia (www.voyages.com.au

Going Down Under Magazine 
The last ten years Going Down Under has been thι Dutch-language magazine about Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. A 'must have' for everyone who is interested in those countries. The glossy magazine comes out four times per year and is packed with catching articles, background information and practical travel information. Such as: living in the Australian outback, the newest wines, hikes through New Zealand, the intriguing Maori- and aboriginal culture, unknown places in the Pacific, quiet white beaches and heavenly destinations. The stories are illustrated with magnificent colour photos which take you along to your favourite spot on this world: Down Under. 
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Australian Embassy

The Australia Fair Foundation. and the Australian Embassy in The Netherlands have very good contacts. The Embassy supports the initiative of the Foundation in many ways and is very sympathetic towards us. See also the personal letter of recommendation of the Australian ambassador, Mrs. Lydia Morton (
click here for the letter).  

Why sponsoring?
Sponsoring the Australia Fair offers the sponsor a unique opportunity to present your business in a positive way. Not only as a promoter of Down Australia/New Zealand but definitely as a promoter of two good causes: The Royal Flying Doctor Service (a social cause) and for 2009, a study fund for Aboriginal children.
The Australia Fair has fostered a lot of goodwill in a very short time. This benefits you as sponsor. A strengthening of your corporate image. If your business is focussed on the Australian/New-Zealand-Dutch market there is a strong win/win situation. You are directly in touch with your target group.