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  Australia Fair Foundation

The organisation of the Australia Fair is in the hands of the Australia Fair Foundation. The foundation consists of volunteers who donate their time and effort to the good cause.
The objective of the fair is to get a large audience acquainted with the well-known and unknown aspects of the land and its culture. This is realised through Australian products, music, workshops, film, presentations and especially by giving plenty of practical information.

The Australia fair remains linked to a charity. At the set up of the Australia Fair Foundation it is established that part of the proceeds will still go to the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Broken Hill, Australia. Every fair a second charity will be selected to which also part of the proceedings will be donated. The Foundation has expand the donation base by setting up an education fund for young Indigenous Australians living in Wilcannia, NSW’s.

2006:  9.500 AUD to The Royal Flying Doctor Service 
2007: 9.000 AUD to The Royal Flying Doctor Service
2.500 AUD to the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie
2009: 8.000 AUD to The Royal Flying Doctor Service
  3.000 AUD for the Eductional Fund for Aboriginal children in Wilcannia
2010 7.500 AUD to The Royal Flying Doctor Service
  1.500 AUD for the Eductional Fund for Aboriginal children in Wilcannia
2011 7.400 AUD to The Royal Flying Doctor Service
1.000 AUD for Victims of the Floods

Activities of the Australia Fair Foundation

Australia Fair:
The big event with stallholders, presentations, activities, workshops and performances, complimented with Australian style outdoors activities. 

Companies could involve the Australia Fair Foundation with the organisation of their Australian event. We could refer you to our contacts or help you with the organising of workshops, readings or presentations.
If needed the Australia Fair Foundation could take over a part of the preparations. Depending on the required activities a contribution will be asked to be donated to the good causes of the Australia Fair Foundation.

If required the Australia Fair Foundation will be present at your event with a market- and information stall. Our own products, e.g. items of the Royal Flying Doctors Service and T-shirts, exclusively designed for the Foundation, will be sold from that stall.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service in Broken Hill provides (free) health care for about 7,000 people, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, covering an area the size of England. The Broken Hill team consists of eight doctors, four pilots and five nurses operating from one of the major bases in the country. Besides serving the residents in remote areas they also provide health care to tourists and have an important task in prevention and education, particularly projects aimed at the Aboriginal community. To continue their services and maintain the aircraft fleet the Flying Doctor Service depends on donations.

The Education Fund is designed to enable children or young people of Aboriginal descent who wish to pursue an education but do not have the means for it, to do so. Possibilities include training Aboriginal nurses or social workers, enabling them to subsequently make an important contribution to their own cultural communities. Or sponsoring a child that would like to pursue further education but does not have the means.

The education fund can contribute in various ways:
By extending a scholarship for part or all of an education or training;
By covering e.g. the costs of travel to and from the school/ training institute if these costs form an impediment for further study.

The contribution from the education fund is to be seen as an impetus. The student too is expected to deliver. It is important that payment of the scholarship be made directly to the school or via an independent trustee. The height and duration of the scholarship will depend on the results and dedication of the student.

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